Fortnite Update

Scoped Revolver

The scoped revolver came out today and it has a 44 base damage and 88 headshots. This weapon acts almost as a scoped AR but does more damage. This is a great ranged weapon but I’m not sure about close up.


New Redaployable Glider

There is a new item that allows you to redeploy your glider. It acts as a normal re-deployable glider but now it’s an item. You also can now control which way you go on a zipline.

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New Scoped Revolver Coming Soon

New Weapon


A new six-shot pistol is coming out that has perfect accuracy at range. There will be no type of weapon bloom that will affect this weapon. As the description says “Packs a punch” it will most likely do a good amount of damage. This revolver is based on another revolver in Save the World without the scope. This weapon will probably come tomorrow or Wednesday.Image result for scoped revolver


The newest meme has arrived replacing the surgery on a grape meme. This meme is called BIG CHUNGUS from Bugs Bunny. It was from one scene where a guy tries to trap Bugs Bunny in a hole and says “that’ll hold em alright, heheheh” then Bugs Bunny escapes it easily and imitates what he said. You can view the original clip here. This meme has gone viral as most memes do and people now make video games on it. By that I mean they take a ps4 disc and glue on a big chungus cover. Image result for big chungus


14 Days of Fortnite Extended

14 Days of Fortnite Extended

Today Fortnite has extended the 14 Days of Fortnite event so if you missed any rewards you have another chance to get them this week. They released a tweet this morning stating that you will have another week to complete it. They also gave out a free glider to everyone who did the 14 Days of Fortnite because they got the dates wrong. Image result for 14 days of fortnite


YouTube Rewind

Every Year it gets Worse

There is no doubt this year’s YouTube rewind is terrible. I know this isn’t about Fortnite at all but it is still something I’d like to talk about. How does it feel to have the most disliked video on your own website? Go ask Youtube with the outstanding 13 million dislikes on the video. To give you a perspective on how bad it is. It has more dislikes than Justin Beiber’s “Baby” which we all know was terrible. That has 9.9 million dislikes and once had the record for most disliked video. Youtube Rewind is receiving a lot of hate and it makes sense. BTS fans are really ticked off because apparently, Youtube references them in Youtube rewind but is also taking away views from them. If you actually watch the YouTube rewind they don’t say BTS instead they just say “KPOP!” I don’t think anyone was impressed and they could’ve definitely done better. My favorite part of the YouTube rewind was JaidenAnimations part. Her addition into the rewind gave her the ability to sneak some things in. It is my favorite part because first of her animations aren’t bad and second she put in references to the King of YouTube, Pewdiepie. She put references such as the Pewdiepie chair. They did not add in Pewdiepie himself, YouTube normally stays away from creators like Pewdiepie which is upsetting. That’s all I have to say about YouTube rewind, I may make more posts like this if you guys enjoy it, anyways have a nice day.

Fortnite New Free Skin

There are new skin variants for the Merry Marauder and Ginger Gunner. They have additional customization options for original skin owners of these two skins. You can now change the facial appearance to make them smile. There is also additional backblings to the crackshot and Merry Marauder. There is also a burnt version of the Merry Marauder and Ginger Gunner. These are all completely free if you already had the skins last year. This is a nice surprise to the original skin owners.

Sword Coming Soon?


Fortnite has released a new tweet hinting a sword may be coming to the game. The tweet says a weapon fit for a king. When you think of a weapon for a king the first thing that comes to mind is a sword. They also included this photo of a sword. Image result for fortnite sword

Nerf to Planes coming soon?

Many people are requesting Epic to change the planes. Epic normally do listen to the community so you may find it being changed soon. If Ninja asks Epic to change it then you know for sure it will be removed or nerfed. Planes are very great at destroying players on the floor. You can also use planes to dogfight other planes which reminds me of GTA 5 dogfighting or Call of Duty WW2 dogfighting.


Fortnite New Meta?

Planes and Turrets

There is no doubt the planes and turrets are two of the best weapons in the game. Turrets can do an amazing amount of damage if used accurately. With Planes, you can just sweep through a player on the floor and kill them. One thing that makes planes so overpowered and slightly hated by other players is the amount of them available. There are players that start the game by landing on a plane going to a popular destination and killing the players there. Turrets are great if you can avoid being sniped from other players. It is harder to shoot at a turret facing you because the player isn’t peaking as much as the side.



The best RnG weapon has to be the golden variant of the pump shotgun. If you are accurate and consistent with your shots you can do massive amounts of damage and is very powerful. You can one-shot kill other players if you can land all your pellets to the head.

Image result for pump shotgun fortniteImage result for planes fortnite

Season 7 Fortnite

New Season

Season 7 is coming in 3 days which should be Thursday the 6th or it could also be coming on Friday the 7th. There aren’t many leaks about Season 7 but we all know it will be Christmas themed. There are rumors and even fake trailers about Season 7. There isn’t much information about it yet but soon the old Christmas skins may come back. You can always check out other sources or youtube videos for more information.



Two teasers have just been released for Season 7. They don’t really give too much of a hint of season 7 other than the skins that will be in it. You guys can try to guess what it will be about and the theme. Image result for teaser fortnite


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